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GIS in Flight:
Save Time and Money.

  • Check right-of-way
  • Scout a potential well site
  • Property valuation analysis
  • plan & develop
  • Emergency preparedness & response
  • Reduce safety liability
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and terrain hazards
  • Calculate square footage of structures

By flying the area, whether it is for a potential location, appraisal, or inspection of facilities, this service will eliminate “boots on the ground” in most applications. Think of the savings and the reduction in safety liabilities by using OGI's new aerial imaging services.

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OGI can provide some of the most high resolution Orthographic Photographs available. These images are ideal for scouting and valuations. We can help identify parcels, right-of-way and many other land attributes. Being able to calculate square feet can be a valuable tool for a number of industries. Orthos can greatly assist in the Planning and development of small and large projects.
Orthographic Photography Orthographic Photography
Emergency preparedness & response could benefit with actual images, current & super high resolution resolution. When you need to know exactly what is there, Orthos get is all, in daylight, super clear. Orthos are especially useful when checking Right-of-way(ROW) and ROW maintenance. Forestry, pipeline and utilities all rely on aerial imagery to protect and evaluate their assets in business.