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GIS in Flight:
Save Time and Money.

  • Check right-of-way
  • Scout a potential well site
  • Property valuation analysis
  • plan & develop
  • Emergency preparedness & response
  • Reduce safety liability
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and terrain hazards
  • Calculate square footage of structures

By flying the area, whether it is for a potential location, appraisal, or inspection of facilities, this service will eliminate “boots on the ground” in most applications. Think of the savings and the reduction in safety liabilities by using OGI's new aerial imaging services.

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GIS Mapping LiDAR Image
This image represents data before it has been processed and categorized. Feature codes are added to the data to help the user distinguish objects. By using Lidar you can easily see the actual size and space that buildings and objects take up. Lidar data is used by civil engineers and city planners to develop and design future projects for their city.
LiDAR Image LiDAR Image
Lidar is an important tool for utilities that need to control vegetation growth. Periodically using LIDAR along transmission line right of ways will increase an electric utilities reliability and reduce outages. Lidar is highly accurate and can produce extremely detailed 3D models of the real world.