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Our map verification services include using the latest digital map file from your vendor and your latest appraisal role and then doing what we call a "join".  This will compare the total number of parcels drawn and attributed to the number of real property accounts on your tax role.

• Determining percentage of attributed parcels
• Provide graphic map for visual verification
• It's YOUR map. Your vendor should make it available to you
• It's a FREE service
• Weekly or Monthly change verification 
• Data quality verification

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FREE GIS Map Verification.
How complete and accurate your map? OGI can help. With our new independent map verification service, we can quickly check the completeness of your CAD map.  You should be able to see your map's progress, whether it is newly underway or just routine maintenance?

The map below is an initial attempt by a CAD to map a county where all parcels drawn are attributed and "joined" to the tax role. So the number of drawn and attributed parcels is the same percentage rate as the completeness percentage.

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To get an independent look at YOUR map, call OGI today, 361-904-0071 and ask for Jeff Chilcoat or email Jeff.