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As a utilities design company we offer smart grid services that will meet your company’s needs. ogiGRID uses cutting edge technology that reduce costs and ensures a quick delivery to the customer. Our electric utility services include infrared thermal imaging, pole audits, utility mapping, GIS mapping, power distribution design, smart meter change outs and more. ogiGRID is a electric utilities design company with smart grid services that will accommodate your needs.

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GIS Mapping GIS electric Utilities
ogiGRID offers asset map development to help you maintain an accurate representation of equipment in the field. ogiGRID will get your assets in order. ogiGRID can take care of your distribution design needs, we are able to tackle projects from pole change outs to new subdivision designs.
GIS Asset Visualization GIS Structural Analysis
Do you know if your lines meet NESC clearance requirements? ogiGRID’s expert staff will analyze your distribution infrastructure for any NESC violations. Our designs include structural analysis of distribution assets for line optimization and cost savings. Using structural analysis can lower your costs by ensuring you don’t overbuild your project.