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OGI provides GIS data, products and services to a variety of industries including oil & gas, pipeline, government, utilities, real estate, forestry, alternative energy and more.

Need rapid access to GIS data? Try our web-based mapping application that puts together a wealth of GIS data layers to make it easier to analyze and view your area of interest.

Oil & Gas and Pipeline
Real Estate
Forestry and Mining
Alternative Energy

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GIS Mapping GIS for oil and Gas and Pipeline
Retrieve data from our database based on the selection on the map. View and analyze your area of interest in relation to other GIS layers.
GIS for RIght of Way GIS for Utilities
FlexMap's tools allow you to search parcel data, zoom to the results, and identify ownership tract outline displayed against an optimized stack of reference layers. You can even export surface ownership information to Excel. Our designs include structural analysis of distribution assets for line optimization and cost savings. Using structural analysis can lower your costs by ensuring you don’t overbuild your project.