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GIS for Local Governments
With a fully integrated GIS system in place, local governments can:

• Track delinquent tax rolls
• Verify jurisdiction boundaries
• Identify school district boundaries
• Provide an informative tool for appraisal dispute hearings
• Reduce foot traffic in your government offices
• Analyze emergency preparedness system
• Assist the public with faster and more informative responses to requests.

GIS Pays for Itself

OGI has extensive experience in converting paper tax maps and AutoCAD drawings into GIS datasets. Using a variety of sources, including aerial photographs, County plat and subdivision maps, appraisal data, and deed records, OGI produces seamless parcel polygon coverages for client counties. The resulting digital tax maps are spatially accurate and facilitate access to associated data, such as parcel ownership and sales information.

The value of digital parcel maps is multiplied when related to an external database. Parcel data that OGI creates can be linked to the tax assessor's Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) database. The integration of the two datasets facilitates an extensive QA/QC process and it enables the assessor's database to be visualized and queried like never before. OGI is currently working on or has completed projects the following Texas counties: Bee CAD, Colorado CAD, Real CAD, Refugio CAD, San Patricio CAD, Upton CAD.

Counties can save time and money by putting their parcel data and other GIS data on the Web. To include your county in this program, contact the OGI Local Government Group at (361) 904-0071 or e-mail Sonia Rodriguez at sonia@oginfo.com