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It is true in Real Estate as well as in GIS: it as all about "location, location, location." OGI offers a variety of GIS–based solutions designed for all segments of the real estate business such as map–based content management and sophisticated investment analysis.

GIS gives you the possibility to integrate a wide variety of data into one, common format—a map. Presenting your customers with a visual representation of all the information affecting the desirability and value of a property can give a far more accurate picture of a property's suitability to their needs.

OGI has a wealth of nationwide data, and we can combine our data with yours and allow you to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

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GIS Mapping Real Estate Flood Plains Online Maps
Narrow down your searches by evaluating a location on the map such as school districts and city boundaries and proximity to colleges and universities. Enhance your search by viewing flood plains, topographical lines(DEMs) and parks and golf courses.
Real Estate Lot Dimensions Acreage GIS Real Estate Tax Assesment
With OGI FastMap, measure lot dimensions and boundaries or draw polygons to calculate acreage of highlighted area and multiple parcel intersects. Extract tax assessment and other information directly related to any property on the map.