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GIS in Flight:
Save Time and Money.

  • Check right-of-way
  • Scout a potential well site
  • Property valuation analysis
  • plan & develop
  • Emergency preparedness & response
  • Reduce safety liability
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and terrain hazards
  • Calculate square footage of structures

Scouting locations can be completed from a birds eye view, accurately and efficiently. Even information concerning square footage of structures can be delivered quickly and accurately.

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GIS Mapping Oblique Imagery
Oblique imagery can be combined with parcel data from an appraisal district to create a powerful tool. Appraisers can get customer information and do appraisals from the office. Oblique imagery can act as an extra pair of eyes by helping appraisers find taxable improvements that otherwise might have been missed.
Oblique Imagery Oblique Imagery
By using oblique imagery the user is able to not only measure length and width of buildings but can now accurately measure the height. County appraisal districts use oblique imagery to view rural areas. This helps reduce travel time to the site, reduce wear and tear on vehicles, and lower overall operating expenses.